Elementary Camps – Insects

BySternberg Museum

Elementary Camps – Insects

Insects and Spiders

June 23rd, 2017


Come out on our nature trails with us as we investigate the world of insects and spiders! We’ll do insect catch-and-release to identify as many species as possible, and talk about just why insects are so darn diverse. Did you know there are more species of beetle than any other group of insect? Now you do! While we explore insects, we will also talk about pollinators, and why insects are so important for the fruits and vegetables we eat. Spiders, we will learn, are also our friends! They eat all kinds of insects that we sometimes find pesky. Students will also get to visit our giant collection of insects in the Sternberg Zoology Collections!

Fees are $60 per member, and $70 per non-member.