Elementary Camps – Kansas Fossils

BySternberg Museum

Elementary Camps – Kansas Fossils

Sea Creatures of Kasas

June 27th, 2017

Fun with Fossils

Join us on a journey into the past, and explore the fossils of the Cretaceous Interior Seaway! Students will see specimens from our world-class fossil collection, from sharks and swimming birds to giant mosasaurs. Our fossil galleries have amazing specimens around every turn, and we’ll dive right into the paleontology of Cretaceous Kansas! Before the end of the day, students will also get to make and paint their own shark tooth fossil casts. Students will also get to see and handle real fossil bones from our teaching collection! From Tylosaurus to Pteranodon, we’ll discover just how incredible the fossil creatures of Kansas are!

Fees are $60 per member, and $70 per non-member.