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Experience a one-of-a-kind science learning opportunity by joining an all-women team of scientists and educators for nine days in the field of southwest Texas. During the camp students will explore the 130 million year old fossil record of southwest Texas! Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the fossils! Find fossils of the mega-alligator Deinosuchus and touch the bones of the giant long necked dinosaur Alamosaurus. From fish and ammonites to dinosaurs to plants to mammals, this program immerses students in an incredible desert landscape brimming with fossils. Students will learn about topics in geology, biology, and paleontology crucial to understanding of Earth’s history. Foundational content in geology, biology, evolution, ecology, and skeletal anatomy is provided and built upon throughout the program. Staff will also provide a supportive, safe, positive learning environment. Staff will teach lessons that will inspire students to follow their paleontology interests beyond the camp as they continue to pursue their academic interests!

Program Cost

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Additional Information and Logistics

Drop off is 8:00am on the first day. Pick up is by 5:00pm on the last day.

Content Outline

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Contact Us

For questions about the Sternberg Science Camps programs, contact Education Director David Levering at DALevering@FHSU.edu, or 785-639-5249.

Application Requirements

– Student applicants must be ages 14 to 18 as of June 2019.
– 2 page (4-6 paragraph) letter of interest from the student applicant.
– Letter of recommendation from the non-family member for the student applicant.
– Financial aid application paperwork (if applying for financial assistance).
– Complete online registration.
– Submit correctly filled out, signed waiver and release form.