Middle School Science Camps: Paleontology

BySternberg Museum

Middle School Science Camps: Paleontology

Paleontology Expedition Camp

June 4th – June 9th

This camp program is now full. We have started a wait list. Please contact Director of Education David Levering (DALevering@FHSU.edu) if you wish to have your name added.

Come explore the fossils of Kansas! Sharks, ammonites, giant clams, ancient sea turtles, fossilized ferns, and giant mosasaurs are only the beginning of the incredible diversity of fossil organisms found here. In this camp, students will be introduced to paleontology field work done right. Using professional field equipment, we will prospect for surface fossils, document sites, and learn how to correctly and safely excavate fossil material. Along the way, students will learn how to identify fossil material, and be introduced to the basics of sedimentary geology. Discussion and building critical thinking skills are also emphasized as we learn about the geologic record, and explore the evidence for evolution we find preserved in the rocks!
Fees are $600 per member, and $660 per non-member.