Current Exhibitions

They’re here now, but they won’t be here forever. You won’t want to miss these great temporary exhibitions. Be sure to visit the museum soon and see them before they’re gone!

Pencil these exhibition dates into your calendar to help you plan your future visits. Be sure to check back to this web page to keep up to date on what’s at the Sternberg Museum.

Botswana & the Okavango Delta: A Photographic Safari to Wild Africa

October 27, 2018 through January 28, 2019

Go on a photo safari through the wilderness of Botswana. In this country 40% of their land is set aside as wildlife preserves. The animals photographed exist in the wild away from human influence. The photographer, Marilyn Wasinger, had this to say about her exhibit,

“I wanted to share these images in hopes of communicating my appreciation and wonder of the natural world and its inhabitants.  Many of the photos display critically endangered and threatened species.  Perhaps by seeing and learning about them, others will understand the need to preserve and protect them and the wild places for future generations.”

Come see it today!

Gallery Renovations

Fall 2018 through Spring 2019

Please excuse our dust! We are working hard to bring a better traveling exhibition hall to you. The area where you see our large traveling exhibits is experiencing a facelift. The Sternberg Museum is adding truss lighting and walls. This will allow us to better service and light our patrons and exhibits in the future! Please come see us as we work.

Rattlerssss: From Fear to Fascination

September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2018

Rattlerssss is here! The Sternberg Museum has created a one-of-a-kind educational exhibit on the rattlesnakes of the United States entitled “Rattlerssss: From Fear to Fascination”. Over 40 species of rattlesnake are alive on the earth today, 22 of which occur somewhere in the United States.

This exhibit centers on the display of LIVE rattlesnakes,ranging from the gigantic Eastern Diamondback, to the extremely toxic Tiger Rattlesnake. Come learn about where these snakes occur, the habitats they live in, and the unique behaviors and adaptations of each species. Check in frequently, as the individual snakes in the display are regularly changed to show variations in color and pattern.