Lessons with Ptara

BySternberg Museum

Lessons with Ptara

Ep.1: Am I a Dinosaur

Ptara is a young pterosaur who has a lot to learn to join her flock. This episode, she wonders if she is a dinosaur. Click here to link to the video.

Ep.2: Darwin Day 2018

Ptara attends the Sternberg Museum of Natural History’s Darwin Day Celebration to learn about Everyday Evolution. She explores the different booths with visitors to learn from her human friends Click here to link to the video.


Ep. 3: What is Biodiversity?

Ptara wonders why there are so many animals in the world. Wouldn’t it be easier if everything were a pterosaur? Her teachers Stevie and Stefen join her this week to teach her about biodiversity! Click here to link to the video