Upcoming Exhibitions


February 2019 – August 2019

Walk through full-scale jaws into a 60-foot-long Megalodon sculpture and begin to explore the story of this fantastic ancient creature – its size, structure, diet, lifespan, relatives, neighbors, evolution, extinction and the science that continues to reveal Megalodon’s tale. Tooth-shaped island units support interpretive materials, which include graphics, hands-on components, and family- friendly interactives. The exhibit is object-rich, including numerous fossil specimens from several collections, and life-size and scale models of other fossil and modern sharks.




Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild

September 2019 – December 2019

A Life in the Wild is exhibition containing 40 of Mangelsen’s most resonant images. These images take viewers into the haunts of species whose struggle for survival is iconic throughout the 21st century. Every single image in Mangelsen’s portfolio has been taken in the wild under natural conditions; the result of him waiting for the “picture perfect moment” across decades and often in hostile conditions.