Sternberg Outbound: Galapagos

BySternberg Museum

Sternberg Outbound: Galapagos

Tortuga Bay, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Galapagos Islands and Ecuadorian Cloud Forest
June 3rd – 14th , 2017
10 days total, $5000 per person

All participants must be age 21 or older at the time of the trip.

(Trip cost includes hotels, guides, most meals, and transport on the Galapagos Islands and the cloud forests. Trip cost excludes cost of airfare to and from Quito, Ecuador. June 3rd and 14th are travel days; Activities in Ecuador and the Galapagos islands start early in the morning on June 4th. For more information, contact Sternberg Museum Education Manager David Levering at, or by phone at 785-639-5249.)

We will be opening full registration and updating the details of this trip soon. To get on our information emailing list, which will include an alert when our online registration system opens, please email Sternberg Education Manager David Levering at

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In June 2017, the Sternberg Museum of Natural History will be leading a 10-day adventure trip to South America. Our first three days will be spent exploring the cloud forests of Mindo and Alambi, near the city of Quito, Ecuador. There, you will get to explore gorgeous forests full of amazing wildlife, including an incredible diversity of hummingbirds! Other activities for the three day Mindo/Alambi portion include a visit to a butterfly farm, an orchid garden, and tube-rafting down the Mindo River. If you love wildlife and breathtaking scenery, you will have the time of your life in the cloud forests!

Rufous Hummingbird


Following your adventure in the cloud forests, you will depart for the Galapagos Islands for a 6-day adventure full of snorkeling, beachcombing, and sightseeing.

This Galapagos land tour will keep you busy, snorkeling at Kicker Rock, hiking Sierra Negra Volcano and kayaking in a bay off the coast of Isabela Island. You can expect to be immersed in the wildlife each day, while having the chance to connect with the inhabitants of the islands during your free time exploring towns like Puerto Ayora and Puerto Villamil.


Lounging sea lions, gliding rays and plenty of tropical fish and sea turtles may greet you in the water, while the lava lizards and iguanas will entertain you on land. If you’re seeking a trip that offers a mix of adventure and culture, this is for you. Each island you visit has a historical site worth visiting to learn about the human history of the Galapagos and the importance of sustainable tourism in this fragile environment.The Interpretation Center on San Cristobal, the Breeding Center on Isabela and the Charles Darwin Station on Santa Cruz will help you gain a deeper understanding of some of the most unique Galapagos animals – giant tortoises!

Galapagos giant tortoise

Optimizing your time in the Galapagos, you’ll spend your first two days on San Cristobal before flying to Isabela Island the next two days. You can expect to visit a range of ecosystems from beachside mangroves to lush forests in the highlands. Your Galapagos land tour will finish on Santa Cruz, after enjoying a boat ride from Isabela, where you may spot dolphins or whales along the way.


As busy as this Galapagos tour is, you’ll still have enough free time for souvenir shopping and enjoying a few cold drinks by the beach. But if go-go-go is more your style then the optional activities like diving and surfing may be of interest!

After your trip to the Galapagos, you will have most of a day in Quito, Ecuador to explore the city before catching our flight back to the United States. This is your opportunity to check out the local sights and culture, including the Basílica del Voto Nacional (Basilica of the National Vow), and sample some Ecuadorian cuisine.



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Video highlights of the 2016 Fort Hays State University student trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.