Outreach Programs

Due to our COVID-19 precautions, we are currently not booking in-person outreach programs during this time. We are currently working on virual programs that we hope have available this fall. Thank you for your understanding. 

Outreach Programs

Let us bring the Museum to you.  Book an outreach program and let us bring the excitement and grandeur of the Museum to your students, group, corporate gathering, or assembly of people.  We offer a multitude of programs and educational activities to meet any need.  Our programs are available to anyone from schools, to libraries, to any other group.

Programs are based on topics. Any group to book an outreach program has the option to select specific areas of interest within the topic.  See our list of ever expanding knowledge that we can bring to you.  If you are an educational facility, programming will be built upon State of Kansas Science Standards.

Click here to request a Museum program at your school. Please follow the instructions on the page.

•            Aquatic Ecosystems
•            Birds
•            Climatology
•            Conservation
•            Dinosaurs
•            Excavation and Taphonomy
•            Forests
•            Geology
•            Ks non-venomous snakes
•            Mammals
•            Meteorology
•            Paleontology
•            Plants
•            Prairies
•            Reptiles
•            Sharks of KS
•            Water


Contact Ian Trevethan, the Museum Education Director at: 785-639-4738 or email ijtrevethan@fhsu.edu with inquiries and program availability.