Sternberg Explorers

Sternberg Explorers

A new experiential science education program for high school students!

Students in the modern Zoology research collection.

Sternberg Explorers is an an opportunity for high school students interested in Earth and life science to interact with other students that share their interests by participate in peer discussion groups. These groups will often include out of state summer camps students who are brought in using online video chat. Participants will be given science research papers and popular science research articles to read and discuss as a group. The goal of this program is to challenge students interested in natural sciences with advanced content, and provide them a forum to ask questions in a peer-group of students with similar interests.

For more information about joining the Sternberg Explorers program, contact Camp Director David Levering at, or 785-639-5249.

Official group meeting schedule is determined based on student availability.