Kansas Wildlife Art Series Prints


Classics – Series 1

The Kansas Wildlife Art Series is commissioned by the Kansas Wildlife Art Council and administered by Fort Hays State University and the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, Kansas. These gallery-quality prints are reproduced from original artwork held in the Sternberg Museum collections.

Background: The Kansas Wildlife Art Council was established by the Kansas Legislature for the purpose of establishing and overseeing a Kansas wildlife art series. Each year, artists were invited to submit paintings featuring Kansas wildlife, of a design and subject to be specified by the council, in a competition to select the current year’s artwork. The competition was suspended in 2000.

  • All prints are individually signed and numbered in a limited-edition of 1000 of each image.
  • These high-quality prints are reproduced on archival paper with overall dimensions of 18.5” x 25.5”.
  • Image size is approximately 14” x 21”.


Year: 1984            Subject: Bobwhite Quail

Title: “Kansas Covey Rise—Bobwhite Quail”

Artist: M. Wayne Willis, Wichita, KS

Museum Stock # 3635 

Sale Price $50.00



Year: 1985/86      Subject: Mallard

Title: “ Prairie Pond Mallards”

Artist: Orville O. Rice, Topeka, KS

Museum Stock # 3636

Sale Price $50.00



Year: 1987            Subject: Wild Turkey

Title: “Cautious Kansas Gobblers”

Artist: Steve Bertels, Nortonville, KS

Museum Stock # 3637

Sale Price $50.00



Year: 1988            Subject: Greater Prairie Chicken

Title: “Kansas Daybreak—Greater Prairie Chicken”

Artist: Jerry D. Thomas, Manhattan, KS

Museum Stock # 3638

Sale Price $50.00



Year: 1989            Subject: Red-tailed Hawk

Title: “Saline River Red-tailed Hawk”

Artist: Robert D. Channell, Hays, KS

Museum Stock # 3639

Sale Price $50.00



Year: 1990            Subject: Ring-necked Pheasant

Title: “Partners—The Kansas Pheasant”

Artist: Jo Boswell Lumpkin, Phillipsburg, KS

Museum Stock # 3640

Sale Price $ 50.00



Year: 1993           Subject: Canada Goose

Title: “Morning Light—Canada Geese”

Artist: Jerry D. Thomas, Manhattan, KS

Museum Stock # 3641

Sale Price $ 50.00



Year: 1995           Subject: Blue-winged Teal

Title: “Blue-winged Teal—Dark-water Pair”

Artist: Cheri Sorenson, Des Moines, IA

Museum Stock # 3642

Sale Price $ 50.00



Year: 1996            Subject: Sandhill Crane

Title: “Golden Days—Sandhill Crane”

Artist: Dan Andrews, Denver, CO

Museum Stock # 3643

Sale Price $ 50.00



Year: 1997            Subject: Western Meadowlark

Title: “Roadside Melody—Western Meadowlark”

Artist: Joe Thornbrugh, Victor, MT

Museum Stock # 3644

Sale Price $ 50.00


(Please note: the pictures shown above are low-resolution reproductions. The actual prints are much higher quality.)

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