BySternberg Museum


Group Tours (min. of 12 people) are available as a part of the Sternberg experience.

Group tours at Sternberg are of two types:

Guided tours last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, after which participants are welcome to spend any additional amount of time they wish visiting the museum at leisure.

Self-directed tours allow group members to visit the museum entirely at leisure, but not before having received, a welcome and brief orientation.

Tours may include:

1) the museum permanent exhibits, 2) museum temporary exhibitions,  3) the Howard Reynolds Nature Trail.

The museum research collections are only available as guided tours with the museum collections staff. The research collections tour costs an additional $2 per person to the price of admission. This allows you to explore the zoological and paleontological collections behind the scenes at the museum.

Friendliness and personal service are hallmarks of the service visitors receive at Sternberg Museum.

Guided and self-guided tours are free with price of admission. Please schedule your tours ahead of your visit by contacting the Outreach Coordinator, Ian Trevethan, at 785-639-4738.  You’ll be glad you did!