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Into the Arctic: An Exhibition of Art and Film

June 6th, 2020 – September 1st, 2020

INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour Promo – Sternberg Museum of Natural History from CoryTrepanier on Vimeo.

INTO THE ARCTIC showcases over fifty original oil paintings by artist Cory Trépanier. Over a decade in the making, this traveling exhibition comprises highlights from the most ambitious body of artwork ever dedicated to the Canadian Arctic. With a pack full of painting, filming, and camping gear, Trépanier traversed over 40,000 kilometers, through six Arctic National Parks and 16 Arctic communities, exploring many more places in between, in a biosphere so remote and untouched, that most of its vast landscape has never been painted before.

Named one of Canada’s Top 100 Living Explorers by Canadian Geographic Magazine, Trépanier carries on the tradition of painting first made famous by Canada’s Group of Seven, but with the environmental concern of a contemporary artist. Contextualizing the artist’s majestic paintings is a series of Arctic films, which cinematically convey the wonder of the North while documenting his expeditions.

“Exploring and painting the Canadian Arctic has been challenging and awe-inspiring, bringing me face-to-face with some of our planet’s greatest natural wonders. After many years of solitary development, I am humbled to learn that others are being moved by my canvases. And that the exhibition is inspiring conversation about the North, the Inuit, the power of nature, and the importance of humanity’s role in protecting it.”

     –Cory Trépanier

To learn more about Cory Trépanier and his work, visit his website at corytrepanier.com

Exhibition Tour itinerary: http://www.intothearctic.ca/exhibitiontour/

The tour is presented in part by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic, and HATCH.

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INTO THE ARCTIC: AN EXHIBITION OF ART AND FILM is produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director, davidjwagnerllc.com.


Environmental Impact II

October 2020 – January 2021

©Leo Osborne, The Ploy, 2006

Traditionally, art depicting nature is always this beautiful, pristine scenery. However, this is not the case for some areas on the planet. Environmental Impact II is going against traditional artwork and looking at a real and serious matter. Through the use of 60 art pieces by artists from around the country, visitors will get a glimpse of the issues that are affecting our environment daily. From oil spills to wildfires to diminishing water resources, all of which impact not only the wildlife, and plant life, but our lives as well.

For more information about the exhibit and the artists, visit www.davidjwagnerllc.com/Environmental_Impact-Sequel.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II is produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director, davidjwagnerllc.com.