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The Sternberg Museum of Natural History advances an appreciation and understanding of Earth’s natural history and the evolutionary forces that impact it. With an emphasis on the Great Plains, our goals are accomplished through research, publications, collections, interpretive exhibits, and educational programs created by our staff, colleagues, and community.

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Sternberg Science Camps - Sternberg Museum Metaverse

Outdoor exploration is at the heart of our science camps and programs. Getting students outside interacting with nature, each other and instructors help to anchor our lessons with powerful firsthand experiences. We look forward to sharing the wonder of science and exploration with you this summer! Explore our virtual museum, fossil sites, and ecosystems in the Sternberg Museum Metaverse! Discover hidden passages in the musuem, uncover fossils in the fields, traverse the rainforest and see all the wonderful animals that live there! 

Sternberg Science Camps Information Into the Metaverse


Brandon Schmidt

“This trip, overall, was the greatest life changing experience for me. It was like being so far away from all my troubles and so close to nature, and it gave me a sense of fulfillment. I like to say that it took nine days and 2,800 miles in total to make me feel as though I’m certain that I want to dedicate my life to biology and the natural sciences.”

Brandon Schmidt

Southwest Wildlife Biology Camp (2018, 2019)

Addison Lacy

“This camp was a great experience. I especially enjoyed taking a hike to the paleosols in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Ever since I was three years old, I’ve wanted to go into the field of paleontology. Going to camp really helped me see how much I love learning about paleontology and geology, and expand my knowledge on these subjects.

Addison Lacy

Paleontology Explorers Oregon (2019, accepted for 2020)

Latest News


Kansas Museum Association Annual Meeting


The Sternberg Museum and the Ellis County Historical Society played host to the 2023 KMA Annual Conference! The theme this year is Great Plains Passages, and we are looking forward to sharing stories of growth and highlighting the diverse lenses that Kansas museums use to connect to our communities... more


Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Virtual Meeting


Hello! Welcome to the 2023 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Virtual Meeting! We have a fantastic four days of events lined up for you to enjoy and learn from, which you can find listed further into this document. Our goal this year was to provide ample opportunities for SVP members to network, so... more


A New Way to Museum


A New Way to Museum is a new YouTube series created by the Sternberg Staff. Explore the Museum and the world, all from the comfort of your home. New episodes drop every Thursday at 12 CST on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with our videos. ... more


Rent a Sternberg Exhibit - A Look Inside


Medical Diagnostic Imaging, such as X-rays and Computed Tomography (CT) scans, have recently become more affordable and available to non-medical academic researchers. They help to answer a variety of natural history questions. Scientists can use these images to examine the insides of preserved speci... more

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