The Jerry R. Choate and Joseph T. Collins Natural History Library

The Jerry R. Choate and Joseph T. Collins Natural History Library was built in Sternberg’s Fleharty Range in 2011. The backbone of the library is comprised of two very generous donations made by two of the most respected scientists in their fields. Joseph T. Collins and wife Suzanne, founders of the Center for North American Herpetology (CNAH), donated the entire CNAH library to Sternberg. This collection is one of the largest private herpetological libraries in the country and quite possibly the world. Similarly, the late Jerry R. Choate, prominent mammalogist and former Director of the museum, and wife Fi donated Jerry’s research library. In addition to these two impressive collections, a number of smaller collections have been donated to supplement the library. Other significant donors include Richard Packauskas, Travis Taggart, Joseph Thomasson, and Richard Zakrzewski.

The research library is open for use by FHSU students and faculty, as well as by visiting researchers. Materials are to be used within the museum under the supervision of the Zoological Collections Manager. In rare instances, items can be checked out only if approved by the Zoological Collections Manger and Curatorial Staff. Plans are underway to create a searchable database of library holdings. For more information or to coordinate a visit, please contact Curtis J. Schmidt at (785)650-2447 (cell) or (785)628-5504 (office), or by e-mail at