Dr. Howard Reynolds Nature Trails


Just west of the Sternberg Museum dome, recently opened and our most current, permanent exhibit, the Dr. Howard Reynolds Nature Trails provides every outdoor enthusiast, student, and naturalist a sanctuary to view nature as it exists in west-central Kansas.  The 2.0 miles of dirt paths, winding trails through the upland prairie, along the riparian corridor, over the stream, and underneath the trees will immerse you in a prairie that once was.  View the diversity that exists with over 200 species of plants, the aquatic wildlife in the pond and stream including snakes, turtles, and amphibians, take a seat along the trail to watch birds and don’t forget to bring a net to catch butterflies.  If you’re lucky you’ll even catch a glimpse of the deer as they make their way along the stream corridor.

The Dr. Howard Reynolds Nature Trails offers something for everyone.  Even before you arrive or step foot on our trails for your family outing check us out on the Aerial Overview.  Don’t forget to print it as a  Trails Map map or pick one up at the admissions desk inside the museum before you head out on the trails!

While on the trail don’t forget to stop at the gazebo and read about the man the trails were named for.  Looking at this glimpse through time you’ll see why Dr. Howard Reynolds was such an inspiration to all those who met him through college or community.  If you don’t have time at the gazebo you can also read all about the late Dr. Howard Reynolds online by clicking on the  History of Howard.

Yet, if that’s not enough, there’s even more excitement on the trails!  Join us as we explore what’s alive and what’s not on the trails year-round.  Nature never stops and neither do you!  A hit with the kids and community, keep up with us online as we walk and explore 22 acres to see what we can find and bring those finding back to you in a fun and educational manner that will have you gasping about how much we need nature and the very interesting facts that go along with each species.

The gazebo may be the structural landmark of the Dr. Howard Reynolds Nature Trails, but the series of trails through the 22 acres is the backbone of the nature area.  Different from many other trails, our trails were constructed to be dirt-path only.  At 20 inches wide, and according to strict trail building guidelines from the Kansas Trails Council (KTC), our trails are built for minimum maintenance and minimal damage to the natural environment.  They are also constructed to shed water with little to no erosion on the trail path itself.  Constructed in this manner, our trail will not impact wildlife, the surrounding vegetation, or the natural flow of water.  Not to mention, dirt path trails are also better for your feet!

This trail amenity is available for rental by large groups.  If you want to have an exclusive right to the Dr. Howard Reynolds Nature Trails for a day or half-day for a large family gathering or corporate party please inquire at 785-639-5249. Please review our Guest Services Information & Policies page before heading out on the trails. Thanks!