Aerial Overview

aerial overview mapEnjoy a brisk walk or hike around this unique trail system centered on nature.  Encompassing two miles of natural surface trails, located just west of the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, one can enjoy an escape from the city and take in 22 acres of natural grandeur.  Come see how the ever-changing colors of the native rolling prairie accent the perennial stream, Chetolah Creek, by walking alongside the stream, underneath and through the forest canopy, and meandering through the open prairie.  Highlights on the trail system include a foot-bridge over the creek, natural benches alongside the pond to sit and relax, a natural limestone amphitheater overlooking the pond, and the open prairie filled with colorful wildflowers, grasses, and the sites and sounds of nature.

Have a smartphone?  You can simply follow the trails via Google Earth.  Simply input 3000 Sternberg Drive, Hays, KS scroll west of the dome, and you’re on your way!